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Bad Credit Loans Start to Rebuild Your Credit Today

If you're looking for bad credit loans, then you have stopped in the right place. Payday Cash Express knows life happens and in most cases bad credit happens due to no fault of your own. When the economy goes down and you get laid off can be a very difficult time and situations come about where you can't meet your obligations or maybe you went through a divorce and are starting all over again. No matter the situation Payday Cash Express has lenders inside our network that work with all credit types. Although we can't guarantee everyone who has bad credit will be approved we do offer a large network of lenders to show your application to and they will work hard on trying to get you approved for a personal loan for people with bad credit. By applying for a personal loan through our online application process you may be approved for a loan by one of the lenders in our network and you can start rebuilding your credit today.

What is a Bad Credit Score?

Based on FICO a bad credit score is anything 630 or below.

What is a Bad Credit Loan?

It is a personal loan that is offered to borrowers who have less than perfect credit or no credit at all.

How much does it cost to apply for a bad credit loan online?

It is completely FREE! It doesn't cost you anything to apply

What will be my interest rate and what will my repayments schedule look like?

The rate will vary depending on the lender you will be connected with. Once you're approved the repayment schedule and the interest rate will be located in your loan documents. Please review these documents so you know your exact rate and repayment schedule. Any additional questions on rate and terms please contact your lender directly.

Can I Apply today using the online loan application?

Yes! By filling out our online loan application and submitting it to our network of lenders you will get a speedy decision and get connected with your lender once accepted.

When will my loan proceeds be direct deposited?

If approved, as soon as you agree to the rate and terms and sign the loan documents using the electronic signature process you will be able to get your money by the next business day.

How much collateral will I need?

All personal loans for bad credit require no collateral regardless of your credit score. Simply apply online and see if we can connect you to a lender. There is no obligation to accept the loan offered.

If I was turned down by a Bank can I still apply?

Yes! Banks have a set of strict rules they use when making a credit decisions and if you don't have what their looking for like a good credit score you will not get approved. Our network of lenders works with all credit types and work hard on getting you approved. Not everyone with bad credit will be approved through our application process, but we use one of the largest networks of lenders online so you stand a better chance of getting approved online for a bad credit personal loan.

What can I use my loan for bad credit on?

You can use your bad credit loan on anything you need. From late bills, past due rent, child support or any other unexpected expense that pops up. A word of caution, only borrow what you need and can afford to pay back on time.

What is the minimum requirements to apply?

You must be at least 18 years of age, a United States citizen or permanent resident and must have a valid email address. Also you must have a regular monthly income of $800 or more and have a bank account that accepts direct deposits. If you meet these basic requirements, then we encourage you to apply.

Can I extend my loan?

Most lenders in our network will allow you to extend your loan for an additional fee. Please read through your loan documents to see if your lender allows you to extend the loan. If your still not sure please contact your lender directly.

What can I do about my Bad Credit?

Having bad credit doesn't have to rule your financial life forever. Making small changes in everyday spending habits can go a long way in improving your credit. Start with a maintainable budget and make sure you make it top priority to make all your payments on time. By making these small changes in your spending habits you will start to notice your credit score starting to improve. Bad credit can affect everything from getting a job to renting an apartment or even buying a house. It's always better to start now with improving your credit before a situation presents itself when you need good credit.

Why Use's Network for a Bad Credit Loan?

We know having bad credit can put you in a tight spot when it comes to getting a loan. That's why Payday Cash Express tries it's best to connect you with a quality online loan lender. By using are service you stand a far better chance on being approved because our network of lenders is so large.

The other benefits by using our service it saves you a lot of time. We cut out all the unnecessary paper work that is usually required by a traditional bank or loan store. Also you no longer have to wait in long lines or drive all over town just to get a loan. Once you submit your application online you will receive an credit decision within a couple of minutes not days like most banks. So if you're ready to start rebuilding your credit today then start by filling out the online application on our site. The whole application process is safe and secure and is protected by the latest SSL encryption technology. Apply now for your personal loan for bad credit and take back your financial future.

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